This is markpizzaArt

“My body of work is the story of my life”  - Mark Pizza


The inspiration for markpizzaArt’s photography is based on ‘moments in time’ which are interpreted with the use of color, texture, shapes, light and motion. Each piece reflect’s an influential moment or feeling that has occurred during Mark’s life.  After realizing that no one in his family could take a decent photograph while on vacation, Mark’s interest for photography started and his pursuit to tell stories through his images became a passion. Growing up in New England, Mark has always been drawn to the power of nature and the ocean and after moving to the metro NYC area, this lifestyle has influenced what Mark’s works has developed into today.  Creating a visual that can capture an energy in that one moment is what his pieces communicate. His images are produced using various traditional and digital photography processes which are then printed on materials such as metal, acrylic, canvas, water color paper and fabrics.


Mark was born in Clinton, Massachusetts and studied at Rochester Institute of Technology where he received a BFA in photography and digital imaging.  After college, he traveled to Santa Fe, New Mexico for an apprenticeship at a photography studio.  Mark eventually ended up in New York City managing the production operations side of creative departments giving him an opportunity to be on the top of digital imagery, design and photography industry.  Mark’s work has been shown throughout the East Coast from Montclair, New Jersey to Kennebunk, Maine.  His work is featured in business and private collections in California, Massachusetts, Maine, New York, New Jersey, Florida and Rhode Island.  Mark also shares his experiences and creative processes through classes and consultations.


Artwork is currently being shown in galleries
in Montclair, NJ and Kennebunk, Maine.

"Capturing the moments of everyday life."